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What good is 3D printing to our clients?

Within the product design industry 3D printing is often taken for granted, but we find that new clients do not often understand the benefits of the process, or why product designers choose to use it. At PDG we utilise 3D printing on a daily basis, and have written this blog post to explain some of the benefits of using this technology not only throughout the design process, but also in production.

As confidentiality is key to all of our clients, we are unable to show you specific examples of working features, but we can show you some of our test prints:

3D Printing Test

Example of a product which could not be manufactured by traditional moulding methods

3D printed Cheddar Gorge

3D printed Cheddar Gorge

Where is 3D printing useful?

Below are a few examples of the benefits that not only allow us to deliver projects quicker, but also to pass cost savings on to our clients.


With our in-house 3D printing facilities, we are able to prototype and validate features of our designs without imposing high prototyping costs onto our clients. Prior to this we would have had to prototype these featured by hand, or outsource 3D printing of the components which would be subject to minimum order quantities, and allow little room for iteration. In short, having our own 3D printing facilities in house means that we are able to reach finalised designs faster and more efficiently.


For complex parts and features, we can often save time by printing scale models or sections in order to explain design features and decisions to our clients. Traditionally, we would need to spend time producing CAD renderings or drawings where in some instances a physical model may be more explanatory, and 3D printing allows us to produce these with a short turnaround.


Small, low-volume parts which may traditionally require up-front investment for tooling can often be produced using our in-house 3D printing facilities. This not only reduces part lead-times, but also the overall bill of material costs to our clients. We are also able to design with 3D printing in mind, and include many features that would not be suitable for other methods of manufacture.

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