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Concept Design – 158 Pages of Sketches

You may have read our recent blog post on why concept design is so important.

We thought it would be interesting to provide you with a few figures on the concept design phase of one of our current projects, so that you can all see the amount of work that goes into the design of a product from scratch. Invariably, all projects are different. This particular project involves all of the points mentioned here, whilst also considering electromechanical mechanisms.

  • 158 A4 sheets of hand-drawn sketches (13.8% of the area of a football field!)
  • Countless sketches and notes in our notebooks
  • 5 main concepts
  • 16 digitally rendered sketches
  • 5 exploded views
  • 5 additional explanatory diagrams
  • forming a 31 page presentation for our client

Due to the sensitive nature of the work we do for our clients we are unfortunately not allowed to show you any of these concept design sketches, but we’ll endeavour to write another blog post on the different stages of design, and with the permission of our client we’ll put the finished design in our portfolio once the product has made it to market.

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