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Designer Spotlight: Ron Arad (1951-)

Ron Arad

Ron Arad

Continuing our look at influential designers is today’s choice, Ron Arad. Not only does he hold an unrivaled ability to wear a hat, he also inspires us to look at forms and materials in a new and innovative way.

Born in Tel Aviv in 1951, he is regarded as one of the most renowned designers of contemporary products and architecture, with his work being instantly recognisable. Despite a broad portfolio of work his most iconic pieces are arguably within the world of furniture, where his innovative use of materials and radical forms are brilliantly deployed.

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Designer Spotlight: Greta M. Grossman (1906-1999)


Greta M. Grossman



Reflecting back on the products that have paved the way in the past is an important part of design here at PDG. A few are now so familiar that it is easy to take for granted just how innovative their designers once were. Products that we believe fall firmly in to that category are the ‘Cobra’ and ‘Grasshopper’ lamps by Swedish designer Greta Magnusson Grossman. Here we take a little look at the influential female designer and how she has affected the industry to this day.

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What good is 3D printing to our clients?

Within the product design industry 3D printing is often taken for granted, but we find that new clients do not often understand the benefits of the process, or why product designers choose to use it. At PDG we utilise 3D printing on a daily basis, and have written this blog post to explain some of the benefits of using this technology not only throughout the design process, but also in production.

As confidentiality is key to all of our clients, we are unable to show you specific examples of working features, but we can show you some of our test prints:

3D Printing Test

Example of a product which could not be manufactured by traditional moulding methods

3D printed Cheddar Gorge

3D printed Cheddar Gorge

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8 months on as a design graduate

Hello again. So the plan was to write a post 6 months on from my last one ‘What are a new junior product designer’s tips for fresh design graduates?’ but things here at PDG have just been so busy that it’s now over 7 months. Whether you are interested in entering the design world and not really sure what it’s all about, want to compare your own experiences with mine or just want to be nosy, hopefully this will give you a little insight in to what 42+ hours a week here at PDG have taught me.

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Concept Design – 158 Pages of Sketches

You may have read our recent blog post on why concept design is so important.

We thought it would be interesting to provide you with a few figures on the concept design phase of one of our current projects, so that you can all see the amount of work that goes into the design of a product from scratch. Invariably, all projects are different. This particular project involves all of the points mentioned here, whilst also considering electromechanical mechanisms.

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Medical Design Innovation for Asthma

When I went for my most recent asthma check-up, I ended up in an in-depth and interesting conversation with my doctor about the effectiveness of several different types of asthma inhalers. One of the most interesting points that came up was how innefective any of these inhalers can be when used on their own; apparently as little as 30% as effective as when used with an asthma spacer. For any of our readers who don’t know, an asthma spacer is a device designed to hold the medicine ejected from an inhaler in a chamber so that it may be inhaled gradually in order to be more effective.

I then told my doctor the story of the time I had to take a knife to a Lucozade bottle during an asthma attack to fashion a DIY spacer of sorts, because I couldn’t justify the additional cost of a spacer when my inhalers on their own would do a good enough job the majority of the time. I’ve now thankfully invested in a spacer, but last night in an early-autumn-cold-induced wheezefest I remembered my appropriation of an empty bottle and wondered if there were any innovations around disposable or low-cost asthma spacers, which led me to discovering the Respira.

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What are a new Junior Product Designer’s tips for fresh design graduates?

Greetings from the new Junior Product Designer here at PDG, Ella.

So this is my first post as an official Junior Product Designer at PDG. I can’t believe I’m already in my fifth week of working here – where has the time gone?! Saying that, I’ve already had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects and have a go at a range of things, with lots more interesting things coming up in the next few weeks.

Having come pretty much straight from university into this role, I thought I’d share a bit of the wisdom that I have gained in the past few weeks to anyone else who has recently graduated, or is doing so in the near future and is on the hunt for that job to kick-start their design career.

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Business and secrets

We are busy… but we can’t tell you what we have been doing.

Those in the design industry will be familiar with this problem. Not that being busy is a problem, far from it, it can just appear that you are standing still if you are not continually updating content and shouting about your current activities.

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Working with Entrepreneurs

Hotun Render

At PDG we have a broad spectrum of clients, each one bringing a variation on approach and requirements. This is great, as the variation brings challenge and the need for fresh thinking.

One of the most satisfying and fulfilling type of work we do is helping entrepreneurs realise their visions in to a feasible and successful product. Often we take ideas right through to delivering finished boxed products, but we are also just as happy to get involved at an individual phase, such as creating visuals to help generate interest from investors.

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