AVET Evidence Recorder

The ABEL Technology AVET evidence recorder provides audio and video evidence recording in a single unit. The design of the unit allows it to be used as a portable unit or in a fixed installation, for example in an interview room. PDG worked with ABEL from concept to production, the casing being designed, prototyped and produced by PDG. We also sub-assemble elements of the case and provide the ancillary components required to complete the full casing.

Product Link
  • Concepts from specification and brief supplied
  • Developed Concepts modelled in 3D CAD
  • Engineered all enclosure components for production (Injection moulded)
  • Engineered stage – SLA masters, Vacuum-cast sets for development and marketing purposes
  • Small batch production of vacuum-cast enclosure components in-house
  • Sourcing of ancillary components
  • Subassembly