Spray Tan
Spray Gun Cover

St. Tropez Prototype

When St Tropez were looking for a way to beautify the spray gun used for their spray tan booths, they turned to PDG to design a cover that would provide not only the aesthetics expected of such a unit, but would also deliver ergonomic improvements for the operator. PDG worked with St Tropez from concept to delivery of an injection mould tool with production set up – once complete they simply had to order production units as they required, direct from the supplier. A very successful project resulting in a product that has managed to find its way onto TV several times.

  • Concepts from brief supplied
  • Developed Concept modelled in 3D CAD
  • Engineered components for production (Injection Moulded)
  • Developed Concept stage – Z-corp rapid prototype block models
  • Engineered stage – SLA masters, Vacuum-cast sets for testing & trials
  • Sourced injection moulding tooling & moulding company
  • Managed initial supply of components
  • Production ordering handed over to client thereafter